A gently curved palm. A resolute stroke of an index finger. Or a forceful blow of a knuckle or mallet. A Domani piece, whether in clay, zinc or Corten steel, bears witness of its creator. It remembers every touch, and carries a memory forever etched in its permanent shell. It displays traces – of mankind and of the elements.

Domani manufactures high quality pottery that consistently reflects the passion and expertise of its craftsmen. We take pride in only working with natural materials that last. Materials that have been around for a long time, and that have a place in the future.
Opting for purely manual production methods and age-old techniques rather than the machine-made and automated, we value those tell-tale remnants that only human hands leave behind. The clay is mixed on site to achieve the perfect consistency and colour. Each pot is crafted manually, each texture and finish applied by hand. Our glazes are custom-designed for the various collections. Similarly, our zinc and corten steel pieces are assembled on site. This guarantees the quality of each Domani pot – as well as its uniqueness. The character imbedded in a Domani piece gives it not only its tactility, but also a closer connection to those that took part in its creation.

“Domani gives an age-old art a significant place in the future. Just as our name implies.”

Vlaamse kaai 35, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

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